Whether you are an Executor or Estate Trustee, are assisting a parent downsize or relocate, or are looking for a fresh start in a new location, Asset and Estate Liquidators is here to help!

Our Estate Liquidation and Estate Sale Services provide an “independent set of eyes” and a trusted Estate Sales partner to help handle asset and estate liquidations in a timely, efficient manner. Perhaps you’ve been entrusted the settlement of an estate, or you’ve been called upon to help a parent relocate to a smaller home?

Asset and Estate Liquidators understands these are often emotional and difficult, life changing times.  From our own personal experience, we understand the burden of continuing daily life while trying to manage proper, timely and effective dissolution of assets.  With only so many hours in a day, how can you possibly get everything done, and where do you start?

Asset and Estate Liquidators will ensure your estate items are attractively displayed and expertly advertised to a motivated, targeted group of buyers.  We’ll coordinate, manage and conduct a professional estate sale, ensuring any necessary permits are obtained.  Utilizing our focused approach, we’ll conduct a professionally managed estate sale, allowing you to quickly maximize returns, avoiding auction short sales, or lengthy internet sales attempts that tie you down.

American Society Of Estate Liquidators

We are proud to be Certified by the American Society of Estate Liquidators and each employee is trained, bonded and insured.

Our complementing services allow us to tailor a solution that best fits your needs.  We provide:

  • Downsizing and Personal Property Sales Consultation Services
  • Hybrid Personal Property Solutions designed to meet clients’ needs and maximize return
  • Estate Sales Services
  • Partial Estate Sales, Collections & More
  • USPAP Compliant Personal Property Appraisals
  • Property Inventory, Packaging and Storage Services
  • Property Relocation Services
  • Realtor Ready Property Preparation

Our in depth network of qualified, independent experts are available to assist and complement our levels of service, including:

  • Antique Experts and Dealers
  • Auctioneers
  • E-Bay Experts
  • Professional Organizers
  • Real Estate Partners