We’re kicking off our upcoming Estate sale with an Art Preview evening of fun!  We know art can be intimidating; whether buying a piece for yourself, or for a friend!  Our own Erin Sniderman provides some tips on how to “get your feet wet and enjoy the experience”.  Read her thoughts, and some great info on some of our featured artists in this week’s blog!


Starting an art collection can be intimidating and overwhelming. How do you choose? With so much diversity in the art realm there is so much to explore. The best advice we can give is to diversify. Collect pieces from several different artists, find local favorites and unique pieces. In our upcoming art preview you’ll get a chance to view works from several artists from around the country.  

We have been able to reach out to some of our featured artists and have had quite the response. Barbara Thun, http://www.barbarathun.com, who has strong roots in Plymouth, NH and currently residing and making art in Reading, Pennsylvania has evolved with her work. Barbara confided at a recent exhibit “My challenge as an artist is to engage the viewer’s mind beyond the image. My images are taken from things we know, but the message is abstract and presents more questions than knowledge for the viewer. Today’s world of fast information can leave considered thought behind. I would like my work to slow down the viewer and bring a thoughtfulness or meditative approach to the images.

My process is a constant investigation. It begins with an image, a phrase, or a question. From there it moves to possibilities – in mediums, and combinations of forms in two or three dimensions and always “how might it be otherwise?” As the work begins to take shape the problem solving can be complex – that is both the challenge and the real reward.”

Jim Lambert, a Claremont NH native who is renown in the art world for his “contemporary, primitive, folk art” . His pieces are remarkable in their uniqueness.  His pieces are highly recognizable as well as being a local favorite all across New Hampshire and New England. A Juried member of the NH League of Craftsmen- his folk art has been acknowledged by the Museum of American Folk Art and is in the private collection of Pres. Clinton. Some of his featured pieces in our sale include White Monkey in Sailboat, Black Beauty, VanGogh with BandAid/Crows. Folk Artist Jim Lambert, League of NH Craftsmen.

We have some beautiful sculptures from artist sculptor, John Weidman Born in Wisconsin, Educated at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, and Antioch College, Yellow Springs, Ohio. Additionally, in his pursuit of understanding the human form, he studied Anatomy and Dissection at Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts.

John Weidman has continued to make artwork throughout his life. He is co-founder and Director of the Andres Institute of Art, a non-profit arts organization in Brookline, New Hampshire. www.andresinstitute.org

In the process of making sculpture, John’s priority is to create form with a balance of technology and creativity.Working with different materials – mostly stone and metal – John Weidman strives to interpret his world and its relationship to others, inviting the viewer to share and experience their feelings with new perspectives.

Regardless of wanting to stick to social norms or go against the grain. The important thing is to just relax and buy some art. Enjoy yourself, enjoy the experience. Find something that speaks to you and brings you joy or creates more questions for you than it answers. Our art preview on Friday Night will be the perfect opportunity to explore an eclectic collection of art from all ranges of media and style.  Check out our website for pictures and more information on the upcoming sale at http://www.assetandestateliquidators.com/sales/ .

Penned and Submitted by  Erin Sniderman