With the Holidays behind us and a bit of a January thaw in the air, our thoughts turn to home improvement projects!  It seems every magazine has a featured article on renovating your space and, with so much focus on an aging population that is choosing to “age at home”, it’s no wonder renovating to single floor living is all the rage!
Sounds good, right?  But renovating a home to better accommodate our needs, or the needs of our parents or loved ones, can be costly!  Cost aside, just the thought of cleaning out space may be exhausting! 
What if you could declutter, downsize, gain a healthy return to help fund renovations — AND have someone else do the work? 
Ahhh!  Now we’re talking!


Reading all those home renovation magazines and seeing the trend to single floor living?  It’s all the rage as more and more of us help parents prepare to “age at home”, or as we, ourselves, consider renovation options for the future. 


For many of us, the challenge is twofold….How to plan to convert that big old New England home to more useable space, and….How to afford the renovations?!  Let’s consider both, and help get you on your way!

single floor living



So many of us own big, old New England homes!  Through the years, many have become filled with “generations” of possessions!  Our grandparents’ things, our parents’ things, our children’s things and, of course, those nifty things we just couldn’t pass up, but never quite integrated into our home décor!   Before we know it, we find ourselves heating rooms that have become storage areas–upstairs bedrooms, attics, barns, cellars and garages full of “stuff”!  In order to even begin to look forward, we have to declutter–yuck!  What an overwhelming thought!  But….


What if someone else provided the labor and you gained cash to actually help FUND the renovations you’d love to make?  


Our personal property services can help you organize and downsize and often, through the sale of some of those old treasures and unused pieces, help you gain a return to  fund your renovation projects!

Maybe you’d like to do something as simple as renovate a bathroom to be more accommodating for the future?  From gorgeous safety tub enclosures, to simple grab bars and non-slip flooring, it’s all achievable with some planning, and some help!  
Sound expensive?  What if the sale of some of your dust cluttering personal property could help get you started?  You know…Dad’s book collection, (and the bookshelves holding it!), that lamp you inherited from Aunt Martha, the kids’ original musical instruments, that painting you bought at that great gallery but never hung…
musical instruments
Let’s move to the barn–how about the old farm equipment you’ve stored, the tractor you replaced with the landscape company?  And, hey, what’s in the attic?  Chances are you don’t even remember what’s in Uncle Harry’s old trunk! 

All these “treasures” may be saleable assets waiting to help you achieve your remodeling goals! Contact us today for a free consultation and ask how we can help!