Recently, I received a request from the son of a potential Client.  Residing in Alaska, this gentleman’s Mom decided at the very young age of “96” to ride out this next winter with some friends in Senior housing, (got to love that independent New England spirit!).  In any case, her son was trying to understand his options for  cleaning out the home to prepare it for sale.  He mentioned he’d be happy to get a referral to a cleanout company, but I suggested it might be best if someone took a look.

I contacted his realtor and arranged to meet.  The home was old, a bit cluttered, and needed some TLC, but overall was a pretty nice place in a pretty nice neighborhood.   Right inside the front door were two beautiful Roseville pieces; one a large form vase, the other a planter.  Just gorgeous and in remarkable condition!

The kitchen was full of what we all end up having….serviceable everyday ware with a little Tupperware mixed in.  In the back of the cupboards, there was a lovely antique Dragonware Moriage Geisha Lithophane Tea Set in fantastic condition. Mixed in was some Belleek, several vintage Waterford pieces and some depression glass.  A full complement, representing a lifetime of use!

Moving throughout the home, there was little furniture of note, with the exception of a stellar burled walnut bedroom set that was just to die for!  On opening the drawers, they were filled with jewelry…everything from costume and bakelite to gold, and a bag full of coins that any collector would love to sort through!  Surely, not items you’d want a “clean out” company to take away for a fee!

I didn’t end up recommending an estate sale, but I did provide some suggestions for a great return for this gentleman’s Mom!

You know where I’m going with this….take a step back and call in an extra, independent set of eyes to help evaluate your personal property!     It’s usually worth the extra day to understand what you have and how best to realize the best return!