At the early onset of every winter season, we hear the call to “Check in on a Neighbor”. I know…this is New England, and our Seniors are proud! You’re right–they are proud, and rightfully so! They’ve got many winters under their belt, and they’ve seen and lived through the mildest and the wildest of them! They have great stories, and they love to share them with others.

Understanding it’s a little hard to get around around here between December and, oh, let’s say, June….it’s hard for folks to get out and have a chance to share those great stories. How about, this winter, we all decide to find a way to help a neighbor. No grand gestures needed–(it’s the grand gestures that sometimes wound the pride!). How about, instead, we all just take a few small, quiet steps toward helping a neighbor? Here are a few simple ideas…

Do a “drive by” on your way to work, or on your way home. Check little things like the mailbox, lights and shades, snow covered steps, or roofs!
Call before going to the grocery store to see if you can save your neighbor a trip,
Bring by coffee and a muffin from time to time,
If you have a teenager, guilt them into shovelling a walkway or clearing off a car,
When you visit, be aware of changes you may see in vision, hearing or memory,
Maybe just sit a while and enjoy a story or two…

Remember, our Seniors are proud and to have lived in New England through those really tough winters–Help make this one a little easier and, while you’re at it, take some time to enjoy a story or two!

Sometimes Less is More!