Last week, I received a call from a distraught Senior.  She had met me six months prior, when I presented to her community Senior group.  She met me just once, but felt she could trust me with her information.

She proceeded to share that she had gone through open heart surgery and had then transferred to a nursing home in order to heal with some assistance.  Having recently transferred back to her home, she was a little afraid, a little lonely, and feeling just a little depressed.  She called because she felt she “couldn’t keep up with dusting” her fine belongings any longer, and wanted to sell them to “just get rid of everything”.  Though she lived alone, just the thought of not being able to keep up was driving her crazy!

An independent, tough lady, she reminded me she was 80 years old.  She was angry with her family, who hadn’t found time to visit her, but mostly, she was angry with the thought that she hadn’t yet recovered to her prior level of fitness.  She was so frustrated, she was almost in tears on the phone.  After letting her share a little, she clearly was feeling better, and I made an appointment to see her to review her assets.

Today, I visited this lovely Senior.  I recognized her as soon as she opened the door!  We proceeded to have a lovely conversation, during which she shared memories and stories of her life.  We laughed and laughed, and spent a terrific hour together.  I hope I convinced her to save her assets for her grandchildren–the ones she spoke so fondly of.  Tough as nails–this lovely lady just was looking for a little companionship.

We’re all busy, and life just sometimes seems to get away from us…It’s difficult to keep up with soccer and baseball practice, work, grocery shopping and household tasks.  Still, just for a little while, let the dusting slide…If there’s a Senior in your life, give them a call with a joke, or a word of encouragement, or just to check in.  Trust me, they’ll appreciate it and you’ll feel just great!