Now that the rush of Thanksgiving is past, we can look forward to decorating our homes for Christmas! It’s funny how we can close our eyes and envision our decorated homes; the wreath, each festive room decorated “just so”, the lights on the perfect tree. Though it’s a wonderful picture for our minds, think about how much pressure we put on ourselves to have the “perfect home for the Holiday”.

We have such high expectations of ourselves and of what the Holidays “should look like”. Consider where that high expectation is coming from–Does it come from your family members, your neighbors, your peers at work? I’m guessing it comes from us, and only from us. This year, think about giving yourself a precious gift–one that can save you money, time and will really minimize the stress of the Season! Think about downsizing your Holiday Decorating Expectations.

Before you spend this weekend hauling carton after carton of Holiday decorations out of the attic or basement, think about last year. You’ll probably remember you spent a day putting everything up. You’ll probably also recall you spent at least a day after the Holiday taking everything down and putting it back into storage. That’s two days out of the Holiday Season–a Season that, for most of us, lasts only about 30 days…

I’m guessing you can name several items that have real sentimental Holiday value to you; decorations that Christmas just wouldn’t be the same without. Maybe it’s the snow globe your Mom gave you in 1990, the Nativity Scene you bought when the kids were little, or the dancing elves you just couldn’t get through Christmas without. Beyond that, do you really know what’s in those holiday decorating storage cartons? If your answer is no, consider downsizing your Holiday Decorating Expectations!

By minimizing your Holiday Decorating Expectations, you can save time, (at least two days we’ve already identified), energy, (your precious energy that you can spend elsewhere), and probably money, (a few less Christmas lights can save some cash!). Do you really think the kids will miss the dozens of Christmas candles, the stuffed Santa Claus, or the light up candy cane this year? Probably not–these are probably the same items sitting in those boxes that you forgot were in there!

Without the clutter, your home will still be perfect for Christmas. What makes it perfect is you, and the company of your family and friends. It’s not the clutter of decorations, or the stress that comes with them! Downsizing your Holiday Decorating Expectations simply alleviates stress, and provides you extra time to spend enjoying the truly important parts of the Holiday Season!

Oh, one last thought–When you realize you successfully downsized your holiday decorating expectations, gained two extra days and saved on the clutter and stress of the Season, consider adding those items to your mental Estate Sale list for the Spring! Holiday Decorations are always a hot commodity–the return you may be able to enjoy, along with the space you can create, can be a wonderful way to continue your downsizing efforts!