1.  How do you know if an Estate Sale is for you?  Ask yourself the following simple questions:

Do you have a substantial quantity of quality items to be sold?

Do you have limited time to dedicate to preparing for and conducting a sale?

Do you have a timeline for selling your items?

Do you just need to “Get it Done”?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these, chances are an Estate Sale is for you!

2. How does Asset and Estate Liquidators Get Paid for Conducting an Estate Sale?

We charge a commission based on the expected proceeds of your sale.  All sales are conducted under contract, and all fees are discussed and agreed to in advance of the sale.

3. Why not just sell everything through internet sites?  Won’t I make more money?

If you have the time, energy and can be available to show your assets and negotiate pricing, internet sales might work for you.  Our Estate Sales are advertised and marketed to a focused group of dedicated buyers, and we work to liquidate in a short time frame.  Our services allow you to dedicate your time and energy where you need to be!

4. Who uses Downsizing or Relocation Services?

Clients include individuals helping a parent or loved one downsize or relocate.  We also service individuals relocating for business, dispositioning assets during a divorce, or folks just looking to “start over”.

5. You are not realtors, antique dealers or appraisers?  What if we need those services?

We are dedicated to retaining an in depth network of qualified, ethical associates who can assist when it makes sense.  We do not earn income based on these relationships, so you can be assured any referral is based solely on your needs—not ours.

Give us a call to 603-325-2991 or email us at assetandestateliquidators@comcast.net to learn more and to schedule a no obligation visit!