As a business owner who is truly dedicated to my craft, it breaks my heart to hear stories of corruption in our industry.  There is nothing worse than getting the call that starts with, “I hired a person to do my sale, but they did a lousy job”, or “I hired a company, but I still haven’t received my check”…or the call that starts with, “the liquidator turned out to be a reseller, and just wanted to cherry pick the best items, give me ten cents on the dollar, and leave me with the rest”. 

It’s unfortunate, but personal property sales remains an unregulated industry.  In a nutshell, that means anyone can hang out a shingle and purport to be an expert in the field. 

As more people jump on the “estate sales bandwagon”, it becomes more important for you to vet the company you’re thinking of selecting.   Do the homework–read the contract, (make sure there is one!)–get the references–get the certificate of insurance…attend one of their sales before you sign. 

Though we hope your selected estate liquidator is looking out for your best interest, remember that the best person to look out for you… is you