I caught myself groaning about the cold weather the other day.  With the news full of stories about the cold blast across the country, it’s a great time to focus on what you can do to begin working on your downsizing goal for 2014!   Here’s just a few tips to get you started and cheer you out of the cold weather blues:




3 boxes

Add three boxes to your most cluttered room, (sounds crazy, right?).  Label one box, “Keep”, one “Donate”, one “Trash”.  Now, spend 15 minutes in that cluttered room, with those three boxes.   Start in one corner, working clockwise, picking up items.  For each, determine if you’ve used the item more than once in the last 30 days.  If you have, it’s a “Keep”.  If not, it’s a “Donate” or “Trash”.  Continue for 15 minutes daily, and you’ll be surprised with the results!


Go through your kitchen utensil drawer.  I’m amazed at how many spatulas, mixing spoons, serving spoons, carving knives, lobster picks and corkscrews I find in every home.  I like wine as much as the next guy but, really, how many corkscrews can one house need?  Use your “Keep”, “Donate” and “Trash” rule and watch how quickly you can declutter a drawer!




Having fun?  Keep it up!  Next, hit the bathroom storage closet.  Chances are, in a house with two average size people, you have over 20 bath towels.  Even showering twice a day, you can’t possibly need that many!  “Keep” a couple of nice, matching sets that work well for every day and any occasion, and “Donate” the rest.  Animal shelters are always happy for old towels, and you’ll be so happy for the space!


You’ll be feeling great by the time the January thaw arrives!  Remember, you can apply the “Keep”, “Donate” or “Trash” rule to much of your life.  “Keep” those things that bring you comfort and joy.  “Donate” or let go of things and feelings that simply weigh you down and “Trash” or walk away from those situations that can’t have a positive effect on your life.  Practice daily–I guarantee you’ll be glad for the  “space” you make both in your home, and in your life!  smiling