How nice to see a growing Customer base interested in fine art!  With the recent confirmation that the economy won’t look better anytime soon, Customers continue to be selective about how and where they spend their money.  What is encouraging, is the growing number of Customers who are actively seeking to invest in fine art at great prices!   They are astute buyers with a distinct understanding of the market and a true investment opportunity in a depressed economy!

I see so many beautiful original works by known and “should be known” artists!  This art seems to have a life of it’s own, but is often just looking for a new home.  Whether a Client is remodelling, simply lost interest or changed style, these works are always in pristine condition!  Oftentimes, we have artist history and/or original sales receipts to really help a prospective buyer understand the retail value and the great opportunity for a bargain they’ve discovered!

Still, what truly drives the art lover is the immediate connection they feel with a piece!  There is nothing more satisfying that watching someone fall in love with a work of art!  Whether they’re attracted to the color, style, content or context, you can watch them as they envision where the work will be placed in their home, and how it will enhance their surroundings and their life.

Watch for upcoming information on our new venture, “Fine Art, Fine Things”, where we’ll offer intelligent art investment opportunities to every buyer!  Whether you’re remodelling your own home or office, or are simply looking to “fall in love” and achieve a great bargain on a fine piece of art, “Fine Art, Fine Things” is for you!  Stay Tuned!