We all know contracting your personal property liquidation helps relieve some of the emotional burden that inevitably comes with parting with personal possessions.  Even our toughest clients are dealing with the emotional toll of a sale….sometimes sellers’ regret, many times guilt over having no interest, or room, to save a loved ones precious purchases.  No matter our clients’ situation, contracting a sale often helps “depersonalize” the process, allowing the client an opportunity to take a step back, and take a deep breath, when they put someone else in charge.


What we should also address is the benefit of offloading the physical aspect of liquidation.  Organizing, moving, cleaning, arranging,  all take time and can often be very physically challenging.  There’s a reason we say we’re in this so we don’t have to pay to go to a gym!  Preparing for a sale, either at your own property, or that of a loved one, can be physically impossible for some!  Ahhh….another beautiful reason to call Asset and Estate Liquidators, LLC today!