Having just made it through the Thanksgiving eve and weekend storm, I reflected on all those people who were left without power for several days.  Arriving early in the New England “storm season” and quite unexpectedly, many were caught off guard and were not prepared to ride out several days without power, never mind a Holiday so focused on the preparation of food, and the gathering of crowds.

There are so many inexpensive ways to be able to “prepare for comfort” to ride out a storm.  Shop an upcoming estate sale and look for items at a discounted rate to help.  Some ideas?

  • A generator, (barely broken in with limited hours of use), a great bargain and priceless when faced with the prospect of no power!
  • Extension cords–every sale has them.  You can pick up 100′ cords for a bargain!
  • Turkey fryer!  So many people could have used one last week, and we see them often at our sales!
  • Kerosene lamps – a dependable standby that makes a nice decoration too!
  • Flashlights – at every sale, most with batteries!
  • Candles – again at every sale and a great “in a pinch” item to have on hand!
  • Gas Can – sometimes you can even find the best “off the market” cans so you have plenty of gas on hand!

You get the picture–a small investment when you shop our next estate sale can help keep you ride out any New England multi-day storm in comfort–(even with your family visiting!).  Plan ahead, save some money and be prepared!


kerosene lampturkey fryer