This week I was reminded how lucky we are in our line of work.  A potential client requested references they could reach out to before finalizing a contract.  In order to make sure we showed a wide range and breadth, I reached out to several former clients to request their help.   I wasn’t sure they would even remember contracting us.


So far, not a stunning story, right?  Hang in there with me and keep reading….One client we had provided services for in 2010, another in 2011, one in 2012 and two others in 2013.


Still not “wowed”?  Bear in mind that our typical client engages with us for a short period of time.  Each client has a different circumstance that leads them to us, but it’s guaranteed we are engaging during a challenging time of their lives.  Some are going through foreclosure, some divorce, some loss of a loved on, some retiring, some leaving behind a lifetime of memories.


We enter into their lives for a short period of time, providing guidance, knowledge and compassion.  We work wholeheartedly on their behalf to help them move on to another chapter of their lives.  We work hard, become close, and always wish we could have done better.  When our contract ends, we think of them often and hope they are doing well.


Though they knew us for just a short time, each and every client I reached out to responded quickly, and each happily volunteered to provide a reference!  The business part aside, we took the opportunity to catch up and reconnect.


My long winded point in this post is simply this…Every day I am thankful I have the opportunity to choose my clients.  They come to us with a problem needing a solution.  They need our help finding a solution to their problem.  They always say thank youThey always appreciate our service.


Reconnecting this week reminded me…our clients also choose us.  We are thankful for them; not only for their business, but for the bond we build.  It is good to be reminded how fortunate we are that, while servicing people in challenging times, they reward us with so much more than compensation at the end of the contract!