We are delighted to be partnered with Southeast NH Habitat for Humanity, Re-Store!  Over the past year they have become a trusted and valued partner, assisting us and our clients with “post sales” asset dissolution.  This partnership is a “win/win” for everyone involved!  Re-Store receives high quality, fine product and our clients receive assistance with those items that remain after a sale!

Southeast NH Habitat for Humanity, Re-Store is also partnering with us as we host our upcoming Rye “Woodcrafters’ Delight” Estate Sale!  Proceeds of this sale will benefit the Gilbert E. Dailey Memorial Scholarship fund.  Sale includes the entire contents of the barn, including an entire master craftsman woodworking shop!  Antique and state of the art woodworking hand and power tools are only part of this sale, which includes high quality furnishings, lawn and garden and more!  Sale is scheduled for Saturday, July 19th and 20th, so don’t miss it!

Thanks to our friends and partners at Southeast NH Habitat for Humanity/Re-Store! habitat for humanity restore logo 070714