Everyday I read about a new estate liquidator entering the territory, and I continue to be amazed at the flood of new businesses forming just to manage the personal property liquidation market.   The market is flooded with personal property and, as a result, the value and return on investment is lower than it ever has been.  Still, newcomers to the business must believe there’s a bundle waiting to be made!


The truly funny thing about this business is….if you’re an honest business person, chances are you won’t get rich quick!  My days are filled with calls from people dealing with all sorts of heartache and dilemmas…loss of a loved one, divorce, foreclosure, an unexpected move.  Reality is, estate liquidation is not always the best option and an honest personal property appraiser or estate liquidator will be the first person to tell you that.  They should also be the first ones to help guide you the best answer–in essence, sending your business elsewhere to make sure you’re well taken care of.


I think of the middle aged separated working mom who needs an appraisal for the pending divorce, the lovely senior citizen who called me to valuate her collection because her independence is very important to her and she needs money for the Holidays, the widowed dad who is worried about his upcoming taxes, or the son who just placed his mom in assisted living and needs to clean out the house to place it on the market.  Everyone of our clients has their own personal story–our job is to listen and to help make sure they find the right solution without being taken advantage of.


Sometimes, we are the best solution provider…sometimes we’re not.  We’d be wealthier if we pretended to always have the answer and charge you for it, but…we certainly wouldn’t be richer…